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Safe and environmentally friendly; Not harmful to people or mammals

Contains no solvents or volatiles; Odor-free, with Zero V. O. C.

Contains no copper, chromium, lead, mercury or other toxic heavy metals.
Contains no organic pesticides.


August 2009 Press Release

There has long been a need for something that would keep wood from going away, especially outdoors. Rain and warmth promote the growth of the rot-fungi and molds that eat wood, and many kinds of insects (particularly termites) have evolved to eat only wood or its cellulose. Even insects that don’t live on a diet of wood use it for a home, boring holes and laying their eggs inside. So, Preservatives were developed and used to treat wood.

The chemicals that stop, kill or prevent Small Life from eating the wood, or preserve or protect the wood, are all highly regulated by State and Federal agencies. It costs millions of dollars for a company to merely have permission to manufacture a preservative, fungicide or insecticide. That is mainly because those substances are also harmful to people and mammals.

There has long been a need for something environmentally friendly, that would help wood resist attack by Small Life, and could be produced by a small, innovative company and easily brought to market. That need has now been met with Wood Vitality.

The result is Fresher-Treated ™ wood, containing the environmentally friendly substance Zinc Borate. This treatment does not corrode steel or galvanized fasteners. The resulting wood is neither acid nor alkaline, but nearly neutral.

Wood Vitality is a two step waterborne product that impregnates wood with zinc borate, a very well-known, almost insoluble material that is safe for humans and does not interfere with any later wood-treatment or staining or finishing product. Rot fungi, mold and insects don't like it. Not at all. It is essentially harmless to us humans and our pets.

It is true that zinc borate has been known for decades. What no one has ever found a commercially practical way to do, is to impregnate a solid piece of dimensional lumber, or a log, with it. Recently, the American Scientist Steve Smith developed a way to put zinc borate inside the wood, and is now in the process of commercializing the technology. It fits very well with the business activities of log home manufacturers, but it can be used by the homeowner or contractor for treating interior and exterior wood, whether or not it will be painted.

It is a zero-VOC, odor-free non-hazardous environmentally friendly product, about as Green as you can get for something made from chemicals. But, what-the-heck; much of food is made from chemicals, and here we are. Today, Green is important to us all.

It is a two-part product; a two-gallon kit of A and B does up to 200 square feet. That level of performance would be comparable to the "green" grade of light-preservative-treatment you find in the lumber-stores.

The two-gallon kit costs $100.00 delivered anywhere in the 48 states. You can order it by mailing us a check and giving us your street-delivery address. It contains no solvents, is not regulated for use, so you can order and apply as many as you want.

If you need to treat already-installed wood with an environmentally friendly material that won't cause electrolytic corrosion of steel or galvanized fasteners, there is no equal to Wood Vitality in giving you Fresher-Treated wood.

For ultimate performance for tens of years, the maximum level needed in wood is considered to be about ¾% by weight. One quart of each component will deliver that performance in one board-foot of lumber. That performance level can be cost-effective when concentrates are purchased in drum quantities. Contact the factory for details.