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Priming Stucco

Modern elastomeric paints can seal porous stucco and bridge cracks, but if the new paint does not stick any better than the old paint, water intrusion, mold and rot will continue.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

You can get excellent adhesion to patches of old paint with the Permanent Stucco Primer, but you need to be sure that those patches are really stuck well before leaving them in place.  Scrubbing with a wire brush is a good test.

The Permanent Stucco Primer will glue any coating irretrievably to fully cured stucco (4-5 years in typical San Francisco or Sacramento climate, 15-20 years on Seattle, 2 years in San Diego climate).  Fresh stucco is not chemically stable.  It is basically concrete, which takes some years to cure enough to not release itself from any coating.  The Permanent Stucco Primer will stick very well to the exposed sand in even fresh stucco, so painting is possible even on fresh stucco repairs.  These should be reinspected a few years later.

Repairing cracks in stucco walls

Cracks in stucco walls may continue to open up with the cycle of seasons, building movement and settling.  If the cracks are vee-grooved, primed with the Permanent Stucco Primer and back-filled with a caulk, then further motion tends not to open surface cracks.  If a layer of sand or gravel is pressed into the fresh caulk, then the final painted surface may have a texture matching the average surface texture and the repairs may thus be invisible. 

To use the 200-square-foot kit:

You will be applying the Permanent Stucco Primer in the morning of a day, and applying the topcoat in the afternoon of THE SAME DAY.

Measure the area and if necessary mark of 200 square feet with a few chalk marks. 

There is an applications budget for best results, and the Permanent Stucco Primer  should be applied at the correct coverage rate of 200 sq. ft. per pint of concentrate.

Get a one-gallon container and either a paint-stirring stick or preferably a paint-mixer and an electric drill. 

Empty the entire contents of the pint can into the gallon mixing container.

Fill the pint can with tap water to about a half-inch below the top, screw on the cap, shake well, and empty the can into the mixing container.

Repeat the above step, rinsing the can and adding thereby a second pint of water to the mixing container.

Do not add more water;  the Permanent Stucco Primer will not work as well. Two parts water to one part Permanent Stucco Primer Concentrate is the correct ratio.

You now have a total of three pints of material in the mixing bucket.  Mix the material to a uniform appearance, ensuring that none of the heavier concentrate remains on the bottom of the mixing container.  The appearance will be an opaque yellow-brown liquid.

Use this within 30-45 minutes.

Apply by brush, roller or spray to 200 square feet of stucco surface, in the morning of a day.  Apply the topcoat in the afternoon of THE SAME DAY.

To use the 400-square-foot kit:

The directions are exactly the same as above for the 200-square-foot kit, except that the Permanent Stucco Primer Concentrate is furnished in a one-quart can, and you will be rising it twice to add two quarts of water, thus the mixing container should be a two-gallon container  to allow enough room for mixing.

General information:

Unused material will begin to curdle and separate in about 45-60 minutes at 70 degrees F.  This will happen faster in hot weather, as chemical reaction rates double for about every 18 Fahrenheit degree increase. 

Keep the material in the shade if working in hot weather.  Do not apply it after it has begun to curdle and separate, as it will not work properly.

Apply the Permanent Stucco Primer early in the morning of a day.  Apply the topcoat in the afternoon of THE SAME DAY.

Primed surfaces that did not get painted one day can be reprimed the next day, or any time later.

Left-over material that has curdled and separated can be left to stand overnight.  It then is inert and non-hazardous. It may be mixed with any absorbent material such as sawdust or kitty-litter and disposed as non-hazardous solid waste.

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