What kind of materials create problems?

Some woods have natural oils or waxes that make bonding veneers difficult. Larger wood sections may expand and warp differently, and if the stress from natural movement exceeds the natural shear strength of the wood, then the joint fails.

Metals or other materials that in the past were successfully coated with a decorative or protective coating or lining, may show prompt or delayed failure when coated with a more modern formulation, often one with a reduced solvent content and a formulation technology driven by legislative factors more than scientific data. We can help.

Porous materials have their own unique set of challenges. They may be physically weak and thus not interface well with conventional adhesives. Their natural porosity or residual resins that formed the composite may interfere with the timely cure of conventional adhesives or coatings. We have solutions for these challenges.

A more costly primer-and-adhesive system may in some cases be replaceable with one of our Self-Priming adhesives. This can give cost savings and reduce valuable manufacturing process time.

When would I need a specialty product from Smith & Co?

When the glues or coatings you have tried are not bonding reliably, or are too expensive, or both. Perhaps there is some other problem in manufacturing, or later.

What kind of glue does Smith & Co. make?

We make glues that stick things to other things. The chemistry is not so important to you, the user, as is the result. If your goal is to put things together to create new or improved products, we can help.

Our Self-Priming adhesives cover a wide range of surfaces: Hard , glassy or ceramic surfaces; porous or non-porous surfaces; hard or soft materials. Our products can bond things together.

Smith & Co. makes many types of epoxy and urethane adhesives, as well as other chemistries. Most of our products are custom-engineered to address a particular manufacturing challenge.

We have certain unexpected issues with the topcoat we want to use on a new product.

We can design a primer that will solve the adhesion problems, whether due to the inability of the substrate to accept a coating or the inability of your topcoat to develop a chemical bond to your substrate. There may be physical compatibility issues between the materials. We have designed interface primers that solved a wide range of challenges.

We cure adhesive and coating failures. What can we cure for you?

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