Custom Products

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Our industrial customers keep us a secret. They don't want their competitors to find out about us.

We make custom products. A custom product is something you have that no one else has. Does your business have a special requirement? Our minimum may be far less than you might think....... modifications of standard products might be done with only a ten-gallon order. Do you need high production volumes...drums, truckloads, railcars? No problem. Call us. We deliver.

Modern waterborne paints don't stick well to concrete, especially if it's a little damp. We have the solution: See Gluing tough, oily, exotic woods? Take a look at

An acid-resistant adhesive for a geothermal steam turbine? Done it.

Do you have a problem and don't know how to solve it? See

Protection, stabilization and bonding of wood isn't the only thing we get into. Need a coating with 500% film elongation? Done that. Other things we can't even talk about, but are distributed around the world and you may have one in your house. What are you wishing for?

Steve Smith