Know why things fail

Design products that do not fail

Our unique experience with wood, chemical engineering and physics will give you design solutions that work in production.

Smith & Co. has supported the manufacturers of standard and custom wood products for over thirty years, since Steve Smith established this company. This support has included failure analysis.

We have made custom adhesives, primers and coatings, and also adapted our standard products to the specialized manufacturing needs of both high-volume and low-volume specialty manufacturers.

We understand wood, which sometimes does unexpected things.

A failure may occur, when it should not. This may be a product that has been in high-volume production for many years, or the first article to be produced by a new manufacturing process. It may have been made with Smith & Co. products, or anyone else’s.

In all these cases, Steve Smith can help you. He has actually been doing this routinely for over fifty years, in his own business and in his aerospace engineering work. This kind of engineering goes by different names in different fields. Failure Analysis is often called Forensic Analysis, and the subject Forensics. It may also be called Reliability Engineering.

There are always reasons why things fail. It is possible to know these reasons.

Steve Smith can help you find the reasons, and to design and produce products that do not fail.

Ask the Scientist for an evaluation of your situation.

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