I have 49' German Frers wood yawl with a varnished hull. I have had your CPES™ under a large number of coats of Epifanes on it since 1991. It has lasted very well until the last year or so. The time has to come to strip the hull again.




You are welcome to use my name, my experience, and any photos of the boat in your testimonials. I am a true believer in your CPES product. I have been using it since 1991 on every piece of wood I put into a boat.

The original coating was done by us at Baja Naval in the winter of 1990-1991. The topsides were stained red mahogany, 4 coats of CPES were applied, then 10 coats Epifanes by brush, and one final spray coat of Epifanes. On average ever two years since then, the boat has received 3 coats by brush or, 1 coat by brush then 1 by spray of new Epifanes.

The problem I'm having now is the varnish is lifting off the CPES (blistering) to a point where it is more time consuming to repair it than to strip it all and start over. It only lasted 16 years!

I have side covers that generally stay on 6-9 months per year, but during the summer they are almost always off and we use the hell out of the boat. If I had been more religious with putting the covers on during the summer months I believe the varnish would have lasted many more years.

I am negotiating the next haulout with Baja Naval right now. We will be doing the same process as before with a few changes…... Christian Carleton, San Diego, CA

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