Do you want Freeze-Thaw damage resistance for concrete, bricks or masonry?


We have three products that help concrete, bricks or masonry to resist Freeze-Thaw damage. Two of them are represented in the VTT report from 1993; the third was developed later and relied on the knowledge gained from the VTT tests. These products cover a wide range of performance and cost.

Permanent Concrete Sealer

10-20 cents/square foot
Least expensive product
Most application labor
Longest lasting (essentially permanent in fully cured concrete)
No surface coating
Entirely internal

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

50-90 cents/square foot
Moderate expense
Least application labor
Lasts 5-10 years
Darkens on 1-2 years sunlight exposure

Paving Brick Sealer (For product information - Call 1-800-234-0330)

$1-$2/square foot
Most expensive
Least application labor
Lasts 20+ years
Non-yellowing light-stable polyurethane
Brings out the beautiful natural color of stone and fine brickwork

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