An Odor-free, Zero-V.O.C. product that helps surfaces resist black mold and mildew

This is a highly concentrated water-based formula that helps wood, wallpaper, gypsum wallboard and other surfaces resist the discoloration such as might be caused by growth of all kinds of mold including black mold, mildews and other microorganisms. It contains a powerful combination of ingredients that resist biodegradation, thus maintaining their effectiveness. It contains no toxic heavy metals and yet is effective, relying on natural principles to discourage growth of molds, fungi, yeasts and bacteria such as appear singly or in combination. The combination of microorganisms is more difficult to deal with than any single species, as common preservatives may attack one kind but not all others. Mold-Resist is designed to discourage a broad spectrum of such nuisance species, thus giving you a more pleasant living environment.

How does this product differ from simple borate salts?

Mold-Resist contains a highly effective proprietary mixture of ingredients, all generally recognized as safe, in a combination which is all the more powerful for its balanced formulation.

It is well known that some varieties of mold and fungi species are easily deterred by small amounts of borate salts, only a tenth of a kilogram per cubic meter of wood, while others are barely deterred at twenty times that level.

It is also well known that all life, whether microscopic or larger, may tolerate or be resistant to a single deterrent material, but be greatly discouraged by relatively small amounts of different materials in combination. This principle has recently been recognized in medicine, and many diseases are now being treated by “combination therapy” of several different drugs. In a similar way, Mold-Resist is designed to discourage Small Life in many different ways.

How to use this product

It is to be used as furnished, and may be applied by brush, spray or roller to any surface that is wetted by water, and which can absorb it. The surfaces that may be treated include wood floors, carpet pads under carpets or rugs and even the rugs themselves, wallpaper, gypboard, masonry surfaces, or any unpainted wood surface. It will not soak through paint, and thus will not be absorbed by painted wood.

When applied to bare wood, the wood should be allowed to dry and then it may be painted or stained with any product, just as ordinary wood. It contains no ethylene glycol, unlike other borate-glycol liquid preservatives. Ethylene glycol interferes with adhesion of paint, which is why there may be paint-adhesion issues with such products. Mold-Resist allows any paint or glue to behave normally on any wood, wallboard, masonry or other porous surface.

Mold-Resist is not intended to be applied to surfaces that may be used for food preparation or come into contact with food.

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